Our Story

Hind has always had a deep passion for fashion, finding joy in its creative elements and recognizing its significant influence on people’s lifestyle. In 2013, She made the choice to pursue this passion by launching an E-commerce venture called “Papaver Home” which specializes in lifestyle home accessories, and unique sustainable baby products. Being a mother of two kids, and a curious fashion enthusiast, She noticed a distinct absence of lifestyle/fashionable products that shows the beauty of Saudi Arabia. That was the moment Hind decided to establish “Seeds”, a Saudi lifestyle brand with the mission of sharing Saudi rich culture and heritage with the world.

The Founder

Hind ( a founder of Papaver Home, Dawar Shams, Seeds and co-author of ألف باء السعودية) is driven by a deep passion to present the beauty of Saudi culture to tourists and expatriates in a modern and fun way. Her aim is to promote cultural consciousness, a sense of belonging, and pride of Saudi culture. 

Our Mission

Offering our customers unique and joyful products that reflects Saudi Arabia’s heritage.

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